Don't Meet Your Heroes

An Actress follows her biggest fan home. 

"Larkin takes a searing, unflinching look at our obsession with celebrity and the result is on fire. This would be an amazing showcase for two powerhouse performers. It's a scenario we all fantasize about finding ourselves in ... until we actually do. It's INTIMATE, it's PERSONAL, it's AWKWARD and it's TENDER. I love that it dares to ask the question, "Whose obsession is this?" Heat and heartache abound, sometimes all in the same breath. This strong offering appears to be Larkin's first play on New Play Exchange; I hope for all of our sakes that it's the first of many." -Matthew Weaver

Are You Sure?

How My Trip to the Psych Ward Taught Me to Listen to Myself

"The thoughts circled and swam until it was all I could think about: I wished I was dead.